We now have a variety of payment options available that are all fully compliant with the new scrap metal laws that banned cash payments for scrap metal and vehicles.

Our Methods

You have three options when choosing a payment method with us:

  1. Custom Debit Card
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cheque

Bank transfers and cheques require you to have an existing bank account. Our custom debit cards do not require an existing bank account, as one will be set up specifically for that purpose upon activation.

Note that all payment methods require you to show identification. Which must be one of the following:

  1. Photocard driver's licence
  2. Passport & utility bill or bank statement not older than three months

Please view our law page to find out more about the legal requirements for selling scrap metal.

Read below for details of our payment options.

Custom Debit Card

John Orchard and Company's custom scrap metal debit card For maximum convenience, we have setup our own debit card accounts which allow you to quickly and easily get paid for scrap.

On request, we will setup a dedicated bank account and issue you with our very own debit card. This is a secure, bank-issued debit card which works exactly the same way as any other debit cards you may have. After a quick and simple activation by automated phone system, your new account and card will be up and running!

Whenever you sell us scrap, we deposit the necessary funds into your new, dedicated scrap metal account. Thereafter, you can use our debit card to pay for goods that accept chip & pin payment and even withdraw cash from everyday cashpoints.


  1. Ask a member of staff for a debit card at our yard
  2. You will receive a card with activation instructions
  3. Call the number on the instruction page and you will reach an automated phone system which will ask you for some information
  4. After completing the automated phone system steps, your card and account will be activated
  5. You will receive a four-digit pin number for your card


After your account has been set up, the procedure for debit card payments is as follows:

  1. Your ID card will be scanned in order to confirm your identity and display your account on our computer system.
  2. We will write a receipt for your materials, a copy of which will be kept for our records.
  3. A ticket reference number and payment total will be entered into our computer.
  4. The operator will then swipe his own management card in order to confirm the transaction.
  5. The system will then make the payment electronically into your account.
  6. Funds will then be available through the debit card.

Charges and Limits

The following fees and limitations apply to our cards and are determined by the issuing banks:

  1. The bank charges a £1.50 fee for every cash withdrawal
  2. You are limited to £400.00 per cash withdrawal
  3. There is a daily limit to the number of cash withdrawals of five
  4. Therefore there is a daily cash withdrawal cap of £2000.00 (£400.00 x 5 = £2000.00)
  5. Chip & pin payments carry no fees

Contact us for more information, or visit our facility near Carharrack if you'd like an account.

Bank Transfer

Two banks transferring money electronically We can pay funds directly into your bank account with our online banking option. Transfers are very fast and secure.

All you will need is a valid debit card with your bank account number and sort code on it. We will then add your details to our bank's payment system and from that point on you will be able to receive funds directly into your bank account.

Setting Up

  1. We review your ID documents, add you to our system and issue an ID card
  2. The we take the sort code and account number for the bank account you wish to transfer money into
  3. Your account is then added to our bank's recipient list
  4. There is a bank-imposed one-hour delay for security reasons
  5. Your account is now ready to receive direct payments


  1. We scan your ID card and retrieve your details
  2. We write a receipt for your materials, a copy of which will be kept
  3. A money transfer to your account is initiated
  4. A confirmation page detailing the transaction is printed and retained
  5. Your funds will appear as soon as both banks (ours and yours) have processed the transaction

Please note that NatWest does not print account numbers on their cards, so be sure to make a note of your account number if you plan on using one of their accounts with us.


Pile of signed cheques If none of our other payment options are suitable for you, then we can always write you a cheque.

This is our slowest available payment method, as cheques can take several days to clear.

First Visit

  1. We review your ID documents, add you to our system and issue an ID card


  1. We scan your ID card and confirm your details
  2. A receipt is written and a copy is kept for our records
  3. Then we write you a cheque
  4. The cheque and your receipt are scanned, and the scan is retained for our records

New Laws

Legal hammer poised

It is illegal to pay cash for scrap metal and vehicles after the 3rd of December 2012.

Learn More