We take all kinds of scrap metal, from iron gates to heavy farm machinery. Some of the materials we handle include aluminium wheels, batteries, brass, copper, house wire, heavy iron, stainless steel sinks and more.

Our facility

There are two main areas at our facility: a ferrous metals and car spares yard which is accessed at the far end of our car park as you enter it, and a non-ferrous metals facility just before our car park, which is also the place where you will receive payment.

Whatever type of material you scrap with us, you will always get paid at our non-ferrous metals building.

Circular ban sign showing a fridge with a red line through it

Due to environmental laws regarding ODS, such as CFCs and HCFCs, we do not accept refrigerators at our site.

We may also refuse other items if they do not comply with health and safety regulations, such as gas-filled bottles and items that may release harmful pollutants upon being scrapped.

A circular array of four images showing scrap metals at John Orchard and Company
Scrap metals at John Orchard & Co.