Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions our customers ask us.

You gave me a yellow, plastic card. What is it for?

It is our customer account card which allows us to identify you with our electronic systems. It should be kept safely with your other cards and brought with you whenever you visit us. It is important to remember to show this card when you visit us, as it speeds up our service and avoids duplicating customer accounts.

If I scrap a vehicle at your facility, do I need to notify the DVLA?

No. We use a secure website to instantly notify the DVLA of any vehicles that are retired by us. This special process for end-of-life vehicle facilities circumvents the usual log book procedure that you would normally use when, for example, selling your vehicle.

Why can I no longer be paid cash?

The government has enacted new laws which prohibit buying scrap metal and scrap vehicles for cash. Our legal page has more details regarding the law, and you can go here for information about payment options.

I was paid by bank transfer. Why hasn't the money appeared in my account yet?

There is a bank-imposed one-hour delay on newly set-up accounts, so if it is the first time you have used that payment method with us your funds will not appear before that time has elapsed. If it is not your first bank transfer with us, and it has been over an hour since you were served, please contact us in order to confirm your transaction status.

What are your scrap metal and vehicle prices?

We like to keep our scrap metal prices as competitive as possible, so please contact us for our latest deals.

Why did I receive less money this time, even though I had the same amount of scrap?

Scrap metal prices fluctuate wildly and are subject to various market forces, which means our prices change very frequently. As a result, you won't necessarily receive the same price for your scrap every week. It is always recommended that you contact us if you wish to know our current prices, or if you have unusual requirements.

What do I do if I have lost the black debit card or pin number you gave me?

Call (+44) 0845 1112345 if you have lost a card and need a replacement.

What do I do if I have lost the yellow account card you gave me?

Visit our facility and we will be able to issue a replacement card.

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