Scrapping End-of-Life Vehicles

John Orchard & Co. is a fully licensed facility for retiring ELVs. We are registered with the DVLA, and can issue certificates of destruction directly via computer, so you don't have to do anything.

We have all of the necessary equipment to cleanly and safely de-pollute vehicles, which includes the correct removal and disposal of fuel, oil, brake fluid and tyres. Our yard is environmentally friendly and complies with the Environment Agency regulations regarding scrap metal facilities and processing.

Retiring Vehicles

  1. We will assess your vehicle and determine a price
  2. You will receive a ticket for your vehicle which you then take to our payment office
  3. Your ticket will be processed and you will be paid
  4. We will notify the DVLA by computer, so you don't have to send them any documents
White car on raised platform being dismantled and de-polluted
Vehicle de-pollution at John Orchard and Co.