Customer Accounts

We provide a variety of customer accounts for your convenience, ensuring the smoothest and fastest possible service with the minimum of fuss.

ID Cards

John Orchard and Company's ID card When you sell scrap to us we will issue you with one of our yellow ID cards. These cards are for identification purposes, and allow us to uniquely identify you without requiring that you carry your driver's licence or passport with you. This allows us to comply with new scrap laws requiring ID, whilst keeping the scrap selling process as quick and convenient as possible.

Once issued, our custom ID card is all you will need to bring with you whenever you want to sell scrap metal to us.

Our ID cards do not contain any sensitive or personal information whatsoever; they only store a unique number which identifies your account. Your account details are stored on secure computers, not on the card itself.

Debit Accounts

John Orchard and Company's custom debit card We can setup dedicated bank accounts for use with our very own debit cards. This is one of our fastest payment options and is particularly recommended for customers with high volumes of scrap to sell.

Our debit accounts are issued by banks on our behalf, so they are reliable and secure.

Visit our payment page for more details.

VAT Accounts

Card representing a scrap metal VAT account

If you sell us scrap metal as a part of your business and you require VAT invoices, we can add you to our VAT invoicing system and provide you with a full VAT invoice. This invoice will be emailed to you and sent via post.

Enquire at our yard or send us an email.

The Law

Legal hammer poised

Scrap metal laws regarding ID and payment have changed.

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