Christmas Opening Hours

We will be closing at 4-30pm on December 23rd and reopening on the 4th of January.


Our scrap metal yard in Cornwall buys scrap cars and vans, plus scrap metal iron, copper, copper tanks, copper wire, brass, and more. Our extensive carspares yard has many vehicles for cheap car parts and replacements. Our prices are great, and scrap collection can also be arranged. Call today on 01209 820313

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Scrap Metal Services St Day, Cornwall

We pay for scrap cars, vans, end of life vehicles, scrap metal, plumbing pipes, copper pipes, aluminium frames, brass, iron, and more. We also sell used car parts and spares at our spares yard and breakerage. Scrap car and metal collection can also be arranged. Call us today on 01209 821464 for prices.

Scrap Metal Breakers Yard

Orchard’s Scrap Yard, St Day, Cornwall, provides scrap metal services to St Day, Redruth, Camborne, Truro, and the rest of Cornwall


Scrap Cars and Vans

We buy scrap cars and vans of all types and sizes. Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Mini, Saab, Mitsubishi, BMW.


Sell Scrap Metal

Sell your scrap metal; copper pipes, copper tanks, copper wire and cable, iron, aluminium, metal window frames, brass fixtures, washing machines, tumble dryers.


Scrap Metal Collection

Call us on 01209 821464 and we can help you to arrange for the collection of scrap cars, vans, and scrap metal.

Why us?

Orchards scrap yard, St. Day, provides top scrap metal and breakerage services to the Cornwall region

  • Great prices paid for scrap metal
  • Excellent prices paid for scrap cars and vans
  • Scrap metal and car collection can be arranged
  • Knowledgeable staff, over 50 years in business!
  • Fast and reliable payment
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How To Find Us?

Orchards scrap yard is located on United Road, United Downs, St Day

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